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Andie Lemus

Actor | NYC




Defiant Detective - DRAMA
A by-the-book detective stands up to a dirty cop

Annoyed Chemist Expert - DRAMA
A hot shot Chemist with a new drug doesn't have time for amateurs

Earnestly Flirty Bartender - COMEDY

Sometimes flirting gets awkward



Production Stills

Fireflies, dir. Terrence Kirton


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

zounds! Edinburgh



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About Me

Hi! I’m Andie, a Cuban-American Actor and Writer based in New York City. I was born and raised in Orlando, FL. Can you imagine growing up with Disney in your backyard? Needless to say, my imagination has always been on full throttle. Storytelling has always been near and dear to my heart. Likewise, I developed a gift for athletics from an early age and spent most of my childhood competing at a high level in almost every sport I played, including Junior Olympic Volleyball.

At Florida State University, I majored in History, but consistently found myself volunteering on the student film sets of FSU's College of Motion Picture Arts. There's simply nothing like the teamwork and collaborative essence of filmmaking. In a turn of events, I found myself in front of the camera, and the rest is history; I was hooked. 

Post college I've had the opportunity to train in various methods, including Meisner Technique at Playhouse West and Improv at IO West. Eventually I found my way to Atlantic Acting School in NYC, graduating from their Professional Full-Time Conservatory Program. My toolbox is poppin.


Thus far my professional credits include a gender-bending performance of the authoritative Judge Littlefield in Stephen Adly Guirgis’ Last Days of Judas Iscariot, a defiant Chorus member to the rowdy Greek Gods in zounds! by Veronika Gribanova at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a non-binary A.A. Sponsor, Davis, in the podcast series F*cking Sober by Katie Mack, and June the Custodian in the world premiere audio drama podcast Algorithm by Alisa Zhulina, a role which I originated. (Both are available on all streaming platforms.) Most recently I played Detective Charlize Glenwood in Fireflies (dir. Terrence Kirton), solving the intriguing murder of a decorated police officer that occurs a little too close to home.  

When I'm not working on a role, you can most likely find me in a boxing gym, reading a book, or exploring NYC with my Sony a7ii in hand. I have a passion for photography, writing, traveling, cooking, surfing, snowboarding, learning obscure History or Science facts, and learning Spanish. What can I say, I love the process of learning. I’ve also been training at Lesly Kahn & Co. to stay sharp for those long days on set.

I’m a sucker for androgynous characters, witty one-liners, and characters who have to think outside the box. My absolute favorite though, are characters who are called to show great courage, hope, and resilience amidst incredible doubt. 


Filmmaking is all about collaboration, it’s a team sport, and I'm great at sports--trust me. You'll want me on your team. 


Currently seeking representation.
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